Manage energy, not time

Time is infinite, and at the same time very scarce. Working long days, and yet time flies by. It's not about time management, it's about energy management.


Do you also experience this contradiction? On the one hand, I face long days in the morning. My agenda is overflowing with ideas and actions to make the business grow. On the other hand, the hours fly by and at the end of the day I often have no idea where exactly the time has gone.

I have to say that I have been struggling with this for a few weeks now. I'm starting to realise that spending long hours doesn't equate to being productive. In the end it's more about how focused and sharp I am the moment I commit to something, isn't it? Not that I don't have the drive and passion for it, but when I know I have to run a whole marathon every day, I often unconsciously hold back from what's to come. To protect myself. And if I can't even estimate what distance I'm running now, because it's not clear where the finish line is, I certainly don't go at full speed. Then I quickly seek distraction to counteract the routine. By doing so, I end up losing even more productivity.

Ultimately, it's not about time management (because I've never really felt the difference after yet another course or book on that topic), but it is about energy management. Wouldn't it be better for my business, for myself, and even for my family, to make sure I'm doing the things I want to do with full focus and energy? Making sure I start the tasks I want to finish with full focus and energy, and in between provide small moments and conscious things to refuel. Peaks to highs, and consciously build in lows throughout the day, to be able to work towards a new peak again in a very focused way.

Well, I must say that I have taken the first steps. Small choices indeed, but consciously this way, because I believe that works better than suddenly going from everything to nothing, or vice versa. Recently we put up a weekly schedule on our fridge. Every Sunday evening I write down the small choices I want to make that week to further optimise my energy management. That could have to do with how I handle work, but equally with my diet, exercise, and so on. Honestly, that exercise alone gives me tons of energy! These days I look forward to Monday mornings so I can start achieving my mini goals. It was different once, you know that all too well. And I also link a reward to achieving them. Small things, but something that gives me pleasure. And the nice thing is that the whole family is starting to participate. After all, they see me writing on Sunday and they want to know what it's about. In this way I also stimulate them to make small choices towards more energy, and the circle is completed.

Well, I don't know when we will see each other again, but I already know that you are going to be amazed by the energy that I am going to radiate. Take care of yourself, think about what choices you can make for yourself, and hopefully see you soon!


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