Get your business moving with Fitcoins®

You think it's important that your employees get enough exercise and you want to promote a healthy lifestyle in your company. You realise that a healthy body and mental fitness ultimately produce better business results.

  • But how do you get your employees to actually move more?
  • How do you reach your people, at home and at work?
  • What are the specific effects of more exercise on your employees?
  • How can I make sure that it is not always the same people who take part in the exercise programme?

Kokoro Business offers an answer to all these questions with the innovative Fitcoins® programme.

"Reward your employees for their participation in sporting, educational and social activities with Fitcoins®".

Fitcoins® are digital savings points that people in your company can receive by walking, cycling or participating in sporting, educational and social activities. With these points, your employees can buy products that improve their fitness, participate in specific workshops about health and fitness, ...

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