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By 2030, the world will have one million fit and healthy people who achieve their goals! Only when you are businesslike, physically and mentally fit can performance and enjoyment go hand in hand. We experience this every day.

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The fundamentals

A unique approach, based on 3 fundamentals, increases results as well as energy

Kokoro supports you in all facets of your life and offers the best ways to achieve all your goals, with a lot of energy. Both for business leaders and for their teams.

One vessel full of energy for various roles

Becoming the best version of yourself, in your business, your hobbies and your family

We want to combine all these roles, but there is only one vessel of energy. The more energy you have, and the better you can use it through the different roles, the better you will feel in the various roles. And the better your results will be.

Making your energy management sustainable and stable, in all roles of your life, that is our challenge. So you can rely on it and always be ready for tomorrow's challenges.

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Business, body and mind

Growing business-wise, physically and mentally to a higher level

Business, physical and mental energy go hand in hand. It is our challenge to increase your fitness in these three areas by means of the so-called tiny gains: daily small and conscious choices that add up to a clearly tangible difference.
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Results & energy

More energy and results, for yourself and your teams.

Sometimes you have a lot of energy, but you don't see many results. Sometimes you can't make much of your results due to a lack of energy. Do you long for more energy and more results, for yourself and your teams? Our programmes bring you results with energy.

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Our programs

Our 6 programs will take you to the 'sweet spot' where high results (R) go hand in hand with high energy (E). That is why the name of all our programs starts with 'RE-'.


An inspiring keynote towards results with energy

For teams and organizations

1 hour

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Boost yourself towards performance and enjoyment

For entrepreneurs and business leaders

7 modules of 1 hour in total

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The playful energy boost to get going again, or just as a reward

In group or as a team

0.5 days

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The thorough energy boost that gives you lasting handles

In group or as a team

1, 2 or more days

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Personalised guidance towards performance and enjoyment


6 months

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In-company trajectory towards long-term and positive (behavioural) changes

For organizations

1 year

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Rewarding with digital loyalty points works

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Motivating words from our clients

"In a keynote Kokoro brought together our executives, a critical engineering audience, around the themes of sport, exercise and health. The session was very entertaining, especially because of the small exercises that were woven into it. Our goal has been achieved, we are satisfied".
Peter Van De Walle, Arcelor Mittal
"The sessions on mental fitness and resilience are an investment to keep people healthy and happy at work in the long term, to feel better about themselves, to pick up signals more quickly from themselves and others, and to dare to name it".
Evelyne Coene, Pepsico
"The colleagues were extremely satisfied and motivated every week to give the best of themselves in the workplace. If you can teach 1 % extra fitness, you have a collective company profit of 100 %".
Peter Callant, Callant Insurance
"With 10 management employees, we worked three days at Lanzarote on Body - Business - Mind. We had alternating sessions on exercise and sports, and on group dynamics and communication. Kokoro's approach was very surprising, which kept the motivation of the group very high".
Lien De Clercq, Mavenly